Thanks to Bill Sturges and welcome to Cristina Facchini as executive editors of ACP

17 January 2018

After more than 16 years of serving the scientific community of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) with great dedication and success, William T. (Bill) Sturges has resigned from the executive committee that coordinates the ACP editorial board. Bill is one of the co-founders of ACP, who designed the concept of interactive open-access publishing with public peer review, and steered the journal as an executive editor since the journal's launch in 2001 (Short History of Interactive Open Access Publishing). On behalf of the ACP editorial board and scientific community, we gratefully thank Bill for his outstanding contributions and achievements that were instrumental to making ACP a successful role model for the development and improvement of scientific communication and quality assurance across and beyond the geosciences. At the same time, we are very happy to welcome Maria Cristina Facchini as a new member of the ACP executive committee. As one of the most active and experienced co-editors with an excellent scientific track record, Cristina will join the executive committee to maintain and further advance the editorial coordination of ACP and its service to the scientific community.

Ulrich Pöschl, Ken Carslaw, Thomas Koop, Rolf Sander