ACP welcomes 27 new editors!

25 April 2022

To ensure that ACP continues to represent the growing global community of atmospheric scientists that it serves, we deliberately invited colleagues who bring expertise from a wide range of countries. The following colleagues joined the ACP Editorial Board in the last three months: Katye Altieri (South Africa), Thomas Berkemeier (Germany), Samara Carbone (Brazil), Qi Chen (China), Suvarna Fadnavis (India), Zoe Fleming (Chile), Rebecca Garland (South Africa), Jeffrey Geddes (USA), Irena Grgić (Slovenia), Thijs Heus (USA), Luis Ladino Moreno (Mexico), Matthew Lebsock (USA), Dantong Liu (China), Theodora Nah (Hong Kong SAR, China), Evelyne N'Datchoh Touré (Côte D'Ivoire), Aurélien Podglajen (France), Graciela Raga (Mexico), Dara Salcedo (Mexico), Odran Sourdeval (France), Amos Tai (Hong Kong SAR, China), Simone Tilmes (USA), Tao Wang (China), Yuan Wang (USA), Zhibin Wang (China), Lisa Whalley (United Kingdom), Huiwen Xue (China), Guangjie Zheng (Germany).